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Twilio Studio Flow

Plugin: Twilio | Mode: Run

Start a Twilio Studio Flow that you have previously created in Twilio.

You may need to reload the Twilio plugin in Game > settings if you have created a new Studio Flow.

Press the reload button in the plugin


Twilio Phone

The Twilio Plugin phone item whose phone number is to be used in Twilio Studio Flow.

In Studio Flow, the phone number is accessible as {}} and can thus be used in all widgets available in Twilio Studio.


Item whose phone number is to be passed as the addressee in the flow.

In the Studio Flow, the phone number is accessible as {}}.


The Studio Flow to start.



Additional variables to be passed to the flow at the start.

The parameters are accessible in the flow under {}}.

Select parameters under Settings if you want to use them.

Then add parameters via Settings in parameters.

Screenshot Click on Settings, then Add

The parameter "myParamter" can be used in Twilio Studio Flow as {}.


Drag a new Twilio Studio Flow action from the Twilio actions onto the STAGE.

Select the Studio Flow you want to start and specify it as flow in the action.

Screenshot studio flows in Twilio dashboard

Screenshot select the flow from the list

When the Evaluation state is triggered, adaptor:ex starts the Twilio Studio flow "Veronica_Registration" with the Veronica Twilio phone number as {}} and the phone_number property of Player as {}}.

Studio flows started by adaptor:ex start with the REST API trigger

Screenshot Twilio Studio Flow example with trigge round call

In this Studio Flow example, a call is first made to the phone_number of Player.